What Makes the Dead Sea A Special Source Of Cosmetic Products?

What Makes the Dead Sea A Special Source Of Cosmetic Products?

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What really makes Dead Sea Minerals Special?

Very many people always ask us at Premier why we decided to base all our products around the Dead Sea Minerals. Very few people actually know why we draw all the raw materials for the manufacture of our products from the Dead Sea. Today, we want to give you a few insights on why the Dead Sea is the Prime source for all the Cosmetic Products Raw Materials.

The Dead Sea is the Eighth Wonder of the World. The magical Sea is a very beautiful scenery with almost green waters which are really satisfying to look at. Located over 1000 feet below the sea line, the Dead Sea has been a source of Cosmetic Products’ raw products for over 300 years. Researchers and Historians point out to the medieval periods when the ancient people used the waters of Dead Sea to treat skin problems and cleanse people they believed to be outcasts in the society. Over the years, people have continued using the waters for various medicinal purposes and to manufacture cosmetic products. What exactly makes the waters of The Dead Sea different? Why is the water endowed with so many minerals? Are the waters really helpful for skin problems?

Well, the Dead Sea is located in a geographical area that experiences very hot and humid conditions. When hot dry air blows over the surface of the water, the evaporation rates are accelerated rapidly. The results are that the waters evaporate leaving deposits of minerals behind making the Sea Waters very salty. So high is the concentration of salts in the Dead Sea that scientists quote it to be at about 25%. This is almost ten times higher than the ordinary concentration in other seas and oceans. The waters are rich in over 20 minerals which are very essential in the growth and development of the skin. Minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, Bromide, Iodine, Zinc, Sulfur, and Boron among many others are abundant in this waters.

This minerals are very essential in the repairing, nourishment, regulation of elements, replenishment and Cleansing of the skin. When properly mixed with other chemicals and manufactured under the right conditions, you get cosmetic products that are a solution and remedy to the many skin problems. We at Premier have been using the Dead Sea minerals for over 20 years in the manufacture of all our cosmetic products.

All the raw materials are drawn from the Dead Sea in their pure natural form. We then enhance the raw materials with a few additives and ascent them lightly to come up with cosmetic products that not only make your skin glow brightly but give you a scent that makes a statement. We have a range of products that will take care of all your needs from the hair follicles down to the toes.

Purchase and order products from Premier today and you will be buying the magical powers of Dead Sea. Our Products are simply the Dead Sea captured in small bottles. Don’t let skin problems plague you. Buy cosmetic products from Premier and land the best possible cosmetic products at very affordable prices.