Mariah Carey’s Dead Sea Dip

Mariah Carey’s Dead Sea Dip

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Mariah Carey was in Israel recently as a result of her new collaboration with Premier Dead Sea. Premier Dead Sea is an Israeli-based, internationally acclaimed award-winning brand of skincare and cosmetics products. Premier has strategically signed on Mariah Carey to become the new face of the company. The Israeli press obviously was all over the story with titles like Pop Icon Mariah Carey in Israel to Promote Premier Dead Sea Products. The reviews were raving.

With excellent quality products that Premier strives to perfect and their impressive Research and Development team, the company has decided to take their customer loyalty to new heights! Premier procures and harnesses vitamins and minerals exclusive to the Dead Sea and integrates them into their extensive product range to battle all skin care concerns and also age reversal. Their ranges of products cater to all skin types and have been applauded for their excellent results.

Premier firmly believes that results matter! Singer – songwriter Mariah Carey is part of the new step that Premier Dead Sea has taken towards higher customer engagement and outreach.


Mariah Carey’s tryst with Israel

Mariah Carey has had a long standing relationship with Israel and was extremely pleased to be back in the country. She previously visited Israel as a guest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara. She was able to build these relationships through her ex-beau James Packer who is wanted as a part of an ongoing investigation in relation to the Prime minister over a corruption and gift-giving scandal.

This bitter circumstance, however scandalous, has not clouded Carey’s perception as she was visibly pleased to be back in Israel. Upon being questioned by reporters about Packers’ whereabouts, Carey very firmly denied knowing where he was and has expressed her disinterest in politics and that her only concern was with promoting Premier Dead Sea –  Times of Israel reports on the matter.

As Carey is now an integral part of the Premier Dead Sea line, she was extremely pleased to be back in the Holy Land and was excited to visit with her 6-year old twins, Monroe and Moroccan. She couldn’t wait for her kids to be a part of the legacy that is the Dead Sea, and she fervently hoped they wouldn’t get salt in their eyes! Once a mother, always a mother!


Ever heard of Dead Sea Fashion?

Mariah Carey was seen taking a dip in the Dead Sea dressed to kill in a gorgeous leopard print swimsuit and intricately designed bangles and bracelets on her wrist. She was seen sporting a to-die-for diamond choker around her neck that has made millions of women swoon! The devastatingly beautiful diamond choker looks strikingly similar to a gift Carey received from her ex-beau James Packer that is made up of 33.95 karats of stunning interlocking diamond circles. Could this be a coincidence? Maybe!

Shutterbugs went crazy to see Carey floating in all her regalia. She has also uploaded some of her swim photos on her personal Instagram account.


Private Beach Party!

Mariah Carey also spent a day at the private beach of Premier. Carey is said to have spent some quality time with her kids away from all prying eyes where she also tried on several of Premier’s high-end products.

The product she fell in love with was the Premier Dead Sea BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Serum/ Anti-Age Complex. This serum is known for its advanced age reversal technology and is seen to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and regenerate tired-looking skin to become taut, fresh, and lifted!


CEO Speak

Premier Dead Sea CEO Shahar Yuval introduced Carey to the Israeli audience and the world with a small introduction of her involvement and was excited to host Carey during her visit to the Holy Lands. There will be notable improvements in the collaboration between Carey and Premier Dead Sea to usher existing and new clients towards better skin care and skin health benefits for the future.

CEO Yuval was pleased to be a part of the Premier Dead Sea association with Mariah Carey and hopes to lead Premier from the lowest point on Earth to the highest peaks of skincare and cosmetics!