Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E & C

Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E & C

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The amount of research and innovation that has gone into the production of this serum can only be seen on the surface of the skin when you purchase this product. This Concentrated Facial Serum is a first class cosmetic product that employs a triple skin lifting mechanism that helps your skin look and feel firmer. The specially formulated serum is in a class of its own when it comes to making the skin feel tighter and firmer. So, what makes the Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E & C so good? Why should you be keen to purchase the Serum?

The Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins E & C is made from 3 main ingredients; Retinol, Soy Bean Oil and two vital vitamins- E & C. Retinol has for long been used in the cosmetic industry as an anti-aging element. Its ability to fill up the fine line and wrinkles has seen it become one of the most preferred firming products used today. We took Retinol and mixed it with Soybean Oil which helps with the skin regeneration process and hydrates dry tired looking skin. The resulting mixture was enhanced with two vital vitamins- Vitamin E and Vitamin C. This combo is the best when it comes to anti-aging remedies. The Vitamin C eliminates free agents and radicals from the kin while the Vitamin E helps with the new skin cell making process. The resulting serum was enhanced with a few Dead Sea mineral and scented with the Orange Oil for a subtle scent every time you apply it.

The Serum that comes in a sleek and compact bottle, is very convenient to carry around and use. The application process is very simple as well. For excellent results, wash your face and dry it all round using a face towel until all the moisture is absorbed. Squeeze enough serum onto the palms of your hands and gently massage it into your skin. Repeat this until all the serum is absorbed into the skin. This won’t take long as the serum melts at normal body temperature and seeps into the surface of the skin with ease. For even better results apply the serum and follow it up with a moisturizer to further help the serum seep into the skin.

The Serum is perfect for people in the early 20s and can be used by people even in their late 60s. What’s there not to love about this Serum? Get the fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin out of your way and usher in a younger, finer and firmer skin that everyone will be envying. The good thing about all that is the fact that you get the serum at a very affordable rate.