Eye Cream

Eye Cream

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We developed this revolutionary cream to help our beautiful clients to combat the problem of nagging wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin in the area under the eye. As the years go by, the skin in the area under the eye tends to be invaded by numerous fine lines and wrinkles which make you look very old and tired. To help people combat this problem, we at Premier Dead Sea dug deep into our research books and spent large chunks of time in our laboratories to come up with one perfect product to take care of the skin in the area under the eye.

Our eye cream is a hypoallergenic cream that helps treat and protect the thin and extremely delicate skin around the eyes. Contained in its formula are two vitamins and the Sun Protection Factor 17 which work together to eliminate the fine lines, balance the contour of the eye, soothe irritated puffy skin and protect the eye from very harmful Ultra Violet rays. The Vitamins A and E are essential in nourishing the eye area by providing much needed nutrients. The vitamins also help in ironing out any creases of wrinkles and fine lines which make one look old and tired. The SPF 17, is the chief protector of the eye lids from the harmful rays of the sun. All these ingredients are mixed in the appropriate proportions resulting in an eye cream that works miracles in treating fine lines and wrinkles.

This is a product recommended for use twice every day for more effective and balanced results-preferably in the early morning and late in the evening before sleeping. Take a very little amount of the cream-very little, and using your ring finger, gently tap it into the contour of your eyes. Spread it gently along the contour and under the eyelids and close your eyes for some few minutes for the cream to take full effect. Combine the eye cream with the Premier Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, The Eye Serum or the Minerals-To-Go Active Eye Creams for even better results.

This product should be a daily routine for anyone who wants to have a bright eye area void of any fine line and wrinkles. If you have reddish puffy eyes, consider using this product to get good looking sparkling eyes which will make you look younger than ever. It is a very cheap option but the results on your eyes will be telling.