Eye Serum

Eye Serum

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One very important part of the skin that most people omit taking care of, is the skin under our eyes. Very many people don’t know that without proper care using the right cosmetic products, the skin will start sagging and creases of fine lines will soon take over. The wrinkles and fines lines result in a very unsightly and dull-looking skin under the eye which makes you look very old and weak. We at Premier know how important it is to have sparkling and bright eyes and have manufactured a special eye serum to help you achieve this.

Our eye serum is rich in natural ingredients which work together to soften the area under the skin and get rid of any fine lines. The key ingredients used in the manufacture of this eye serum include the Soybean Oil, Musk Rose Oil and Vitamin C&E. The Soybean Oil’s Vitamin E keep the delicate skin soft and supple while the antioxidants help protect and heal the skin cells. Musk Oil is essential in ironing out the fine lines and has been in use since the Ancient times. It helps to get rid of wrinkles from the skin and further hydrate the area under the eye. These three work together brilliantly and the resulting serum is a master class that people around the world love. It will help you to rejuvenate, miniaturize and prevent wrinkles from developing under your eyes.

The serum contained in a very sleek and compact bottle, is very easy to use. You only need to take about 5 drops of the serum on onto your ring finger and slowly tap the serum into the area under the eye. Do it gently and lay on your back for a few minutes for the serum to seep into the skin. It is very easy on the eyes and won’t irritate you. You can combine it with the Eye Cream, Age Defying Cream and The Night Cream Complex-all from Premier Dead Sea for even better results.

The serum is perfect for people with fine lines and aging skin under the eye. Repair and refresh the skin under the eye using this serum and give yourself a new look. People with red puffy eyes which can get itchy sometimes, should also be keen to use this product. If you also want to maintain a young look and protect your eyes from looking tired and old, purchase this serum today. It has very brilliant results.