Miracle Noir Mask

Miracle Noir Mask

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Rich in essential oils and made from a unique formula, the Prestige Miracle Noir is one of the products that helped put Premier Dead Sea on the cosmetic products’ map. The internationally acclaimed mask has been reinvented and has been specially formulated to provide care and nourishment for the modern day skin.

The oils contained in its formula are essential in keeping the skin hydrated and supple for the rest of the week. The Dead Sea minerals abundant in the mud are key to providing the skin with the much needed nourishment and rejuvenation. The special black mineral bar not only comes in handy when you want to get rid of the mask layer after you are done with the treatment, but delivers magical powers of its own. As the mask is lifted, the black mineral bar leaves a thin layer of very essential oils which keep the skin moisturized for the rest of the day. As if that’s not enough, we at Premier have our little gem of a cosmetic product to accompany the mask-the Liposome Complex. Its formula is made up of natural ingredients and each penetrates deep into the skin nourishing the elements and the results on the surface are always astonishing.

This mask has numerous benefits to the modern day skin. The results on using this product include a much softer skin with a fine texture and very rich in the essential minerals. The skin will be supple and will be glowing all week long thanks to one application. The ingredients are specially manufactured to nourish the skin elements from deep within for you to see the results on surface of the skin.

It has a very easy application process. You only need to apply an even layer of the mud mask on the face excluding the eye area and then waiting still for close to half an hour. Wrap the mineral bar in a thin tissue layer and gently roll it over the entire face to lift of the mask when done. The oils on the other hand have a better effect when applied overnight and left to moisturize the skin without any interruption.

The formula is perfect for all skin types and people of all ages essentially above 15 years can use this product. Whether you have a sensitive skin or not, this is the perfect formula for a soft, healthy and glowing skin. You only need to apply very thin layers and it will therefore last for a very long time. For even better results, you can use the mask together with a couple other Premier products especially if you have had skin complications before. The Prestige Moisture Complex and the Concentrated Facial Serum are two products that you might want to try for an even better skin tone. Trust our specially formulated Miracle Noir Mask to produce astonishing results.