Refining Facial Peeling Mask

Refining Facial Peeling Mask

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After a tough day in the office or in the scorching sun, sweat and other impurities accumulate on the surface of the skin. Over time, without proper cleansing, this sweat and impurities block the breathing pores of the skin and hinder the proper growth of the skin cell. It is essential therefore to grab yourself a skin cleansing product that will help you peel the clogged layer away from your face render your facial skin healthy and leave you feeling fresh and new. Facial peeling cosmetic products don’t come in better than the Refining Facial Peeling Mask from Premier.

The specially formulated mask is made from natural extracts and essential oils which penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and get rid of any dead skin cells, impurities and sebum that may be clogging the skin pores. The peeling gel leaves no pores unattended to. The results of using this mask include tighter pores void of blocking dead cells and other impurities. The surface will be very clean and will feel very fresh. When you get rid of the dead cells, the results will be a lighter skin complexion and a very even skin tone.

The key ingredients contained in this mask include Witch Hazel Extracts, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracts and Salicylic Acid. The Witch Hazel extracts are the wash away agents. They penetrate deep into the surface and lift away they dirt and astringe the clogged pores for easy skin breathability. The Salicylic acid complements the cleansing power of the Witch Hazel Extracts for an even fresher and cleaner feel. When you add Aloe Barbabedensis Leaf extracts into the formula, you get a natural healer that helps in repairing the skin. We at Premier have mixed the key ingredients into the right proportions to come up with a product that will provide all your facial peeling solutions.

The application of this mask is very simple and practical as well. You only need to scoop a very little amount of the peeling gel and apply a thin even layer and let it settle for about five minutes either in the morning or in the evening. Gently buff the layer using your fingers and wash the remaining layer with lukewarm water. Avoid the eye area when applying the peeling gel. Now that you only need a very little amount of the gel, it can last for a very long time.

The peeling mask suits every skin colour and type. It has no side effects at all and will not affect even the most sensitive of skins. For even better results, you can combine the peeling gel with the Refining Moisture Cream and the Bio-Performance Liposome Gel Serum. This is a product that will help you achieve your dream skin complexion and tone. Above all, you get a healthy skin void of any disease causing germs.