Understanding Skin Exfoliation

Understanding Skin Exfoliation

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Why do I need to exfoliate my skin? This is a very common question from many of our clients here at Premier. People have always bombarded us with a barrage of questions concerning Exfoliation. People want to know whether the process is worth it in the end. We asked a team of experts and dermatologists about the importance of exfoliation, and have provided the following guide on exfoliation and why you need to start exfoliating your skin using our products here at Premier.

Exfoliating is the process by which you scale off the old dead skin cells using chemicals which induce abrasion and gently scrap off the dead skin cells. Although it is normally done using cosmetic products,it is important to note that the skin itself has a self-exfoliating mechanism but as age catches up with us, the process is slowed down and eventually it stops almost. This is where exfoliating products from Premier should come in. In your late 20s, you should start thinking about exfoliating your skin using our Premier products. Here is why;

Exfoliating your skin aids in removing blemishes from your skin. Most beauty will experts advise you to use jarring acne products in order to dry out your skin. This method, even though effective in removing acne-causing bacteria, leaves the skin dry, causes irritation and may also result in skin breakouts. Breakouts may arise by continuous drying of the skin which creates a platform for cell build up. Exfoliating has no such short comings since it leaves your skin refined, smooth and free of acne.

It can also be useful in removing the red/dark marks which develop after the skin breakout. This involves continuously and regularly exfoliating your skin. The continuous removal of dead cells on your face facilitates the development of new unblemished cells resulting in removal of the red/dark marks. The end product is a smooth spotless skin

Exfoliating can also remove the barrier of dead cells that clog the pores. Continued removal of the dry damaged cells results in less oil being trapped hence unclogging the pores. This removal of excess oil from the skin prevents later development of blemishes and acne.

When used with a skin lightening agent like hydroquinone, exfoliating helps in fading of brown spots which occur in your skin due to genetics, age or pregnancy. This is referred to as hyperpigmentation. Removing the damages surface skin cells results in removal of the pigmented cells.

Exfoliation is important in removal of dry skin. When their skins are dry, most people tend to use creams to moisturize it. This is however does not always work since you need to first remove the dry skin cell buildup first. Exfoliating exposes the fresh new skin so you can now apply your cream.

Exfoliation also leads to a soother skin appearance. Removing damaged cells from the skin the skin surface is guaranteed to remove those rough bumps and leave you loving your skin texture.

Removing dry and damaged skin is also reduces wrinkles which develop as you age. Aging slows down the cell regeneration process hence natural exfoliation reduces. As old skin cells pile up without being removed, it leaves the skin looking dull and rough. Retinol, an exfoliate repairs the lower layers of your skin resulting in younger-looking skin.

We have a range of skin exfoliation products here at Premier that you should consider. Our products are made from top of the order technology and enhanced by the magical powers of the Dead Sea. For all skin types and ages, try our Exfoliating Cream for the best results possible. Buy exfoliation products from Premier today and land the best possible products in the market.